Arosian Black Mass

2011/11/13 § 2 Comments

After a pretty sleep deprived weekend, it was nice to get back to Stockholm, and take a long shower to wash the fake blood, incense smell and soot off. Again. I’m sure anyone who sat in my general vicinity on the train ride back was giving me the side-eye, especially since I discovered my gingery-blonde hair was kind of stained red (not to mention my poor Kånken). Thanks, Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult, and the decision to spit “blood” not once, not twice, but several (re: too many) times. And I wasn’t even close to the stage.

Anyway, it was a worthwhile trip to Västerås, and overall, a good festival. Ormgård started things off, and proved to be pretty much unbeatable. Behexen came close, but Ormgård were just so, so good. For a band that’s only really released a demo, they definitely impressed. Keep your head up for their next release. I think they’ve got a few releases coming up soon…

Ormgård (I know this photo sucks, but its the only one I took of them that sort of turned out ok [and I would rather enjoy the band that try and get a super great picture] – sorry)


I went into the festival being a bit skeptical about about two of the bands, Acherontas and Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult, but still hoped they’d win me over. Nope. Sorry, guys. Not my thing. The “spitting blood” thing is fine, but it gets a bit tired after the first 14 times, and I ended up spending most of the rest of their (DNS) set outside. My poor, grey Shakti scarf is a bit stained (hm, perhaps thats why “all black” is the dress code?). Everyone else seemed to enjoy it though, so maybe I’m just old and grumpy. Its not like it was terrible, it just wasn’t my thing. In terms of a festival, its pretty cool that there were only two bands I wasn’t really fond of. Bound to happen.

Tomhet was such a nice break from the leather pants/jackets/boots/whatever, corpsepaint, capes, and everything else. Aside from someone trying to pick a fight with me for no other reason than they were drunk and obnoxious, and I guess I was “in the way” (?), I actually enjoyed their set, as disjointed as some people said it was, the most of the second day’s bands, because it was a bit of a break from the cliché. And I was expecting weird, and that’s what I got. I like weird. I guess if you were expecting Immortal or something, it might have been surprising. Its too bad they seemed to have some issues with their gear, but still…


And to extrapolate on the “drunk and obnoxious” comment, it was really too bad that there were a handful of people there who clearly had no idea how to conduct themselves in public. This includes, but is not limited, to whoever decided to “seig heil” after Behexen’s set, and the one guy who thought that the use of runes and sauvastikas by a few of the bands somehow lends itself to some kind of National Socialist moronic belief system. Its really too bad a lot of these bands and the people who distribute them have to have disclaimers on their websites to prevent that kind of association. As someone who wears runes, and other  symbols, in addition to having a scarf from India with a swastika on it, I suppose I should probably start doing the same thing, which is sad. To sum it up, people are fucking idiots, and I need to move to a cabin in the forest somewhere.

Anyway, the complaints are few, and mostly trivial (except the National Socialist bullshit), and it was, overall, a great festival and a great weekend.

Moving right along. At the ripe, old age of 26, I am almost too old for this shit. At least too old to do it regularly. I was awake until hours I’m usually waking up around, and the yoga deprivation, even if I did bring my mat, means I feel like a fucking zombie, or a 97 year old, right now.

One of the cool things I came away with was the Semilanceata album Kaleidoskopiskt DualheRuus. The guy at one of the merch tables recommended it, and I’m glad he did. Its good. Always exciting to find new, good music. Check it out here.

And, since I’m not sure what else to say the moment, except that I need to meditate a bit, I’ll leave you with some Ormgård. Enjoy.


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§ 2 Responses to Arosian Black Mass

  • Anonymous says:

    Good to hear that someone else obviously felt alienated/disturbed by some of the people attending there. It seems it can never be fully reached to keep morons from coming to such wonderful events. But there are a lots of good memories, thank you for the pictures!

    • vamachara says:

      Its just too bad that a very, very small group of people can make the rest of us look bad. Especially re: politics. Leave them at the door. Though, the festival itself was excellent!

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