ABM Pt. 2

2011/11/16 § Leave a comment

I realized I forgot to post about half the bands at ABM. Being true to my dosha (pitta), I’m going to cop out and blame the lack of sleep. Now that things are back to normal (re: busy as fuck), and I’ve had a few days to compile my thoughts (or something), I guess its fitting to make a more concise post about it? I don’t know.

One of the great things about the festival was that there were a lot of bands who a) have never performed live; b) hardly ever perform live; or, c) have never performed live in Sweden (or any of the other countries I’ve had the [mostly dis-]pleasure of living in, for that matter). It was pretty exciting, in that respect, for me. For example, unlike Watain, who I’ve seen before, and knew exactly what to expect, there was a measure of uncertainty, and I like going into gigs/festivals/general situations not knowing what the fuck to expect.

At any rate, all the bands impressed to some extent, and while there were bands that I enjoyed more than others, there weren’t any bands that I hated, which, I think, is a testament to the quality of music theses guys and ladies are putting out. Support the underground, people. Buy the records/CDs/tapes/8-tracks/downloads.

Edited a few more pictures from the festival; however, I didn’t get salvageable pictures of Mare, Hetroertzen Acherontas, Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult or One Tail, One Head. So, in other words, most of the bands. The combination of lighting, smoke, me being short as fuck and standing not anywhere near the front, and not having a fancy camera, was not conducive to getting ok pictures. Nor am I a photographer/person who spends most of the gig taking pictures (i.e. I take a few, and make due with what I get).

The Tomhet pictures turned out the best (which still isn’t that good, I’m afraid…), which surprised me because I spent 90% of their set directly behind someone who was at least 50cm taller than me. Score one for yogic flexibility, and being able to contort my arm in weird ways, maybe?



Sons of Fenris


Here’s to hoping one of the people running around with a fancier camera than mine got some better shots…

Hopefully they’re able to put something as good together next year, though I don’t doubt that. That is, if it happens next year.

Definitely keep your ears to the ground for releases from Ormgård, Sons of Fenris, Mare, Tomhet, One Tail, One Head, Hetroertzen, and, of course, Behexen. Just my personal recommendations. Side note: I’m actually eager to hear Werewolf’s (Sons of Fenris) ambient project, Abgrundjaz, if that’s still in the works.

Well, that wasn’t very concise, now was it? I decided, halfway through writing this, being scatterbrained as fuck, I wanted to avoid doing a “review”, per se, because thats not what I do here, and the experience is so subjective anyway. And now that all that is over with and out of the way, I can get back to posting about yoga and philosophy, and the other things I usually ramble on about.



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