Setting the Record Straight

2013/06/11 § Leave a comment

I’ve been busy with other things this year. My activity, so to speak, has become more inward, personal, but yet not. I haven’t felt inclined to document my understandings and interpretations publicly. It’s not really anyone else’s business but my own, and it never will be.

At the same time, I’ve steadily gotten e-mails about things related to this blog, so I felt inclined to give an update of some kind. But that’s a bit characteristic of me – sticking my head out for other people. I’ll respond to each e-mail eventually. I promise that much. Even the ones which were sent several months ago.
I’m not going to make excuses, or use the “busy” illusion. I just haven’t felt like it/haven’t checked. Until now.

Actually, an alarming amount of contact I’ve gotten, it appears, is from individuals thinking I’m connected to some kind of far-right extremism. At first, I was pretty shocked at that conclusion, but it is kind of obvious why. Though I feel like I’ve done my duty in not connecting this blog or it’s contents to any kind of political activity, it’s no surprise that other people have drawn the conclusions they have. Perhaps I should have taken more care to disclaim things I personally view as abhorrent.
At the same time, do such disclaimers do anything but get AFA off someone’s back for a little while? Do they even mean anything? I don’t know. I suppose that is for you, the reader to decide.

I am fully aware and accepting that once you make your views public, you should be open to take critique. And I’m more than open for that. However, I think you’ll find that my knowledge of Marx, Bakunin, Luxemburg, to name a few, is as adequate as my knowledge of Tibetan Buddhism, and a few Indian philosophical schools.
In other words, and to be perhaps less vague, one can be expected to stand up for oneself when one is falsely associated with ideas one vehemently disagrees with. If that’s your personal journey, fine. It’s not mine.

Anyway, for those who’ve emailed me in the last little while, I’ll get back to you eventually. I don’t have direct plans to update this in the near future, but honestly, I didn’t have plans to stop updating this when I did, either. Time will tell.


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